Construction project for the sewage treatment plant of a thermal wood processing facility (in progress)

New wastewater treatment facilities are being built in the newly built thermal wood processing plant. The pH of the wastewater generated during the production process fails to comply with the requirements specified in the Wastewater Regulation.For the neutralization of acidic industrial wastewater, it is planned to use of a sodium hydroxide solution of an appropriate concentration or a potassium hydroxide solution of an appropriate concentration, which will be introduced into the industrial wastewater by mixing it well with the help of dosing pumps. Solutions of this concentration were chosen due to the lowest possible freezing point (NaOH -25 ̊C or KOH -37 ̊C). It is planned to build an automated reagent dosing farm – with the help of the pH sensor readings, the required amount of alkali is precisely dosed, and then neutralized wastewater is already released into the sewage network.