Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus

Removal of biogenic substances – nitrogen and phosphorus – from domestic and industrial wastewater is one of the most important goals of wastewater treatment. Due to high concentrations of these substances in wastewater, a large amount of them is continuously released into the environment. Biogenic substances entering the water cause eutrophication, which harms aquatic ecosystems. Living in one of the most sensitive basins in the world, the Baltic Sea, we have to be extremely responsible for managing the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus released into surface water bodies.

The classic method – biological wastewater treatment – is usually applied to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from both domestic and industrial wastewater. We can select the most suitable biological wastewater treatment scheme for the client’s needs and the most reliable technological solutions for biological wastewater treatment. From conventional bioreactors for nitrogen and phosphorus removal to sequential bioreactors, biofilm, or biosorption systems, the choice of solution will depend on the type of wastewater, the existing situation, and the customer’s needs.