FBBR – biofilm sequence biological treatment plants

Biofilm Sequence Biological Reactors (BSRBs) are used to treat heavily polluted industrial and domestic wastewater. Biofilm SBRs differ from conventional SBRs in that special microbial biomass is grown on carriers together with the activated sludge suspension in the reactor. As a result, the specific concentration of biomass in the SBR reactor increases significantly, and the biological film formed on the carriers is much more resistant to fluctuations in wastewater flows and pollutant concentrations. Due to the unique structure of treatment facilities and specific technological solutions, BSBR treatment systems tolerate significantly higher loads of organic and nutrient substances than conventional activated sludge systems. As a result, the size of treatment plants, the required maintenance, the energy consumption, and the amount of excess sludge generated are greatly reduced. With the help of manufactured BSBR modules, it is possible to clean wastewater flows from 10 to 5000 m3/d, by successively combining several modules operating in parallel. One module can remove > 120 kg of  COD and > 50 kg of BOD7 per day.

BSBR Advantages:

Since BSBR treatment plants are manufactured in modular containers of various sizes, the customer can easily change and increase the capacity of his treatment plant in the event of an unplanned increase in production capacity. In this case, it is sufficient to connect an additional module to the already existing BSBR treatment facilities; it is not necessary to radically reconstruct the existing treatment facilities or build new facilities.

  • A universal system that is suitable for cleaning both industrial and domestic wastewater;
  • Easily and quickly (“plug and play”) installed system, which is built on or under the ground;
  • Particularly suitable for cleaning unstable and highly polluted sewage flows;
  • Easy system capacity increase by installing additional modules;
  • Maintenance of cleaning devices is fully automatic;
  • Particularly compact devices;
  • Faster and higher efficiency of pollutant removal compared to conventional activated sludge systems;
  • Mobile and easily portable cleaning devices;
  • Additional reagents are not required for the operation of the devices;
  • No unpleasant odors are released;
  • Treated wastewater can be used to meet various technological needs;
  • The devices are certified by PIA GmbH.