Disposal of wastewater contaminated with petroleum products

Petroleum-contaminated wastewater is one of the most common problems wastewater streams encountered in industry. Such wastewater usually has a very complex composition, many different compounds can be found in it – petroleum hydrocarbons, mercaptans, fats, phenols, ammonia, sulfides, and other pollutants. Petroleum products released into the environment not only damage natural habitats but also have long-term negative consequences for human health and the economy.

This type of wastewater treatment can be performed using various technologies – physical, mechanical, chemical, or biological methods. The choice of the method depends on the specific situation – the composition of the wastewater, its quantity, physical and chemical parameters.

Our experience in the development and installation of biosorption cleaning systems allows us to offer customers highly effective solutions to solving the problem of oil pollution. By integrating biological purification and the benefits of activated carbon, we create a synergistic system that provides the stable required degree of purification.