Water reuse

With the recent increase in the use of underground drinking water, particular attention is paid to the reuse of water for domestic and industrial purposes. Such water can be successfully “recovered” by cleaning wastewater, after which the water obtained after treatment is further used in the industry during various technological processes, or in households to water lawns and gardens during the dry period of the year.

Biological treatment processes are used to recover water from wastewater by combining them with advanced oxidation and membrane filtration technologies. The solution is a synergistic system of advanced oxidation and membrane filtration that can be easily adaptable to various types of wastewater treatment. The water obtained after cleaning can be used successfully the second time. Such a system can be used by both industrial objects and ordinary household users. The minimum performance of the synergistic system is >0.1 m3/d, and the need for additional chemicals required for the cleaning process is minimal.

Water for lawn watering
Water for watering gardens
Water for industry