Removal of heavy metals

Manufacturing of electronic components, recycling of electronic waste, surface electroplating, metal processing, or other activities in which water encounters various metal surfaces often produces wastewater contaminated with heavy metals, that must be treated before discharge into the sewer or the natural environment. Heavy metal concentrations, such as zinc, copper, and nickel, vary in the range of tens of mg/L. For the removal of heavy metals, we recommend traditional coagulation/flocculation systems, iron and aluminum coagulants, and cationic/anionic flocculants. In exceptional cases, we offer wastewater ozonation and electrocoagulation solutions. The use of the latter systems reduces the amount of heavy metal-contaminated sludge generated, and the treatment process itself becomes more flexible and less demanding on maintenance. The performance of the installed devices can be varied and depends on the customer’s needs: from 0.1 m3 to 15 m3 per hour.