Water is vital for all forms of life, therefore special attention must be given not only to the quality of drinking water but also to the quality of water used in households, industry, and elsewhere.

The team consists of specialists with both scientific and practical experience who can apply their knowledge in many ways. This is especially important at the design stage – the initial and one of the main stages of construction. We consult, develop, and supply water treatment technologies and innovative solutions.

  • Designing of wastewater and water treatment facilities:

We carry out and prepare project solutions, and technical calculation reports for projects in the field of water purification and management: water purification plant and water preparation structures, pumping stations, and sewage treatment plants.

  • Assessment of the technological part of the project (due diligence) – feasibility study:

We carry out technological studies and formulate justifications. In the case of complex projects not having enough detailed information, it can be too difficult to make one specific decision, so it is appropriate to carry out a technological feasibility study at the beginning. The main purpose of the feasibility study is to check whether the project is financially and technologically optimal. A feasibility study helps to evaluate existing/planned technical and technological solutions or to select the most appropriate solution for a specific object.

  • Design of sewage and water treatment facilities as well as outdoor water supply and sewage networks:

We perform calculations, prepare project solutions, technical (working) projects, and reports in the field of water purification and water management: water purification plants, water preparation structures, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, and sewage and water engineering networks.

Project designing specialists
Experience in various WWTP projects
Research performing experience