Advanced hybrid oxidation technologies for the purification of water polluted with priority substances (in progress)

Project description.

Recently, both the European Union and the whole world have been dealing with intense pollution of the natural environment with priority substances that are difficult to decompose in nature, and in many cases toxic. Industrial entities and domestic sewage treatment plants are listed as one of the main polluters with priority substances. The reason for this is inefficient traditional sewage treatment plants, in most cases biological, in which these substances are only partially removed. Therefore, during this project, an innovative technology designed to clean water contaminated with priority substances will be offered and prepared for the commercialization stage. The main object of pollution, which was chosen as a solution to the problem of this project, is the “cleaned” city sewage generated in domestic wastewater treatment plants after secondary precipitators and released into the natural environment. The operation of this technology is based on the creation of an extremely aggressive oxidizing environment in the contaminated water treatment reactor, while also using solid-phase catalysts. As a result, the overall cleaning efficiency is greatly improved compared to traditional technologies, and the cleaning process requires lower energy consumption. Using this technology, in most cases, greater than >95% treatment efficiency is achieved, and the treatment process itself is not pollutant-selective, so different priority substances can be removed in the same reactor. Based on the obtained research results, at the end of the project, the technology corresponding to TPL stage 9 will be fully prepared and will be commercialized.

The project is financed by EU funds.