Ozonation is applied to the removal of pollutants from contaminated water, and disinfection of premises, households, and medical equipment.

When designing contaminated water treatment facilities, the products developed by the company successfully use the oxidizing properties of ozone – the ability to break down organic water pollutants, and hard-to-decompose substances in industrial wastewater. Ozonation effectively removes metal ions in water, therefore is used in drinking water deironing equipment, arsenic, zinc, and other heavy metal removal processes. Utilizing the disinfecting properties of ozone, fog-based disinfection devices are being developed for indoor disinfection, and household or medical equipment disinfection.

Operating principle:

Ozone (O3) is a gaseous substance with strong oxidizing properties, extracted from air oxygen in an ozone generator. When dissolved in water or diffused in the air, ozone oxidizes and decomposes the chemical compounds contained in it a biocidal effect on microorganisms, destroying viruses, bacteria, and their cysts.