500 m³/d wastewater treatment plant reconstruction technical project (in progress)

Ežerelis is a town in the Kaunas district municipality, 20 km west of Kaunas, and 5 km south of Zapyškis.. According to statistical data and expected development, the planned population shortly will reach approximately 2,000 inhabitants. Currently, old wastewater treatment plants with a capacity of ~120 m3/day are operated in Ežerėlis. The devices are physically and technologically outdated. In addition, there is the insufficient performance of wastewater treatment facility, so it was decided to prepare a technical project for the reconstruction of wastewater treatment in the city of Ežerelis.

For this purpose, a reconstruction technical project is being prepared, based on which it is planned to reconstruct the existing Ežerelis wastewater treatment facility by building new biological treatment devices on the existing plot.