180 m³/d wastewater treatment plant reconstruction technical work project (in progress)

Bubiai is a village in the west of the territory of the Kaunas district municipality, by the road 141 Kaunas–Jurbarkas–Šilutė–Klaipėda, 6 km north of Kulautuva, on the right shore of the Nemunas, the center of the Batniava. According to statistical data in year of 2020, 698 inhabitants lived in Bubiai. Now, wastewater treatment facility build in 1984 is being operated in Bubiai with a capacity of 25 m3/day. The devices are physically and technologically outdated. Furthermore, due to the inadequate performance of the existing wastewater treatment facility, it has been determined that a technical project is required for the renovation of the wastewater treatment in the village of Bubiai..

A technical work project is being developed to reconstruct the current wastewater treatment facility. The plan involves constructing new biological treatment on the existing site, based on the project.